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  • Telescopic Drawer Channels

    Telescopic Drawer Channels

    Telescopic Drawer Channels or Drawer Slides are used in Kitchenware and furniture drawers. We offer high quality, rust proof slides with free movement and long life.
  • Fittinx Auto Hinges


    Hinges are used in cabinet doors, cupboards, ulmiras, etc. We offer a wide variety of hinges like Auto Hinges, Hydraulic Hinges, Clip-On Hinges
  • Carbon Steel Balls

    Carbon Steel Balls are used in almost all Automobile components like Bearings, Valves, etc. They are also used in Castor wheels, Drawer slides, Toys, Bicycle parts, etc
  • Bansal Trading Company


    Battery operated e-rickshaws are revolutionising the way we commute. They are a cheap and eco-friendly. Moreover, they offer a reliable stream of income for the drivers.
  • Edge Banding Melamine Tape

    Edge Banding Tape

    Edge Banding tapes are used to decorate furniture items and are used for lining edges of tables and other furniture items. We offer both Melamine and PVC tapes.

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